Flourless Chocolate Cake

Merry Christmas!

This year for Christmas I am adding to the dessert. Normally I am asked to bring the cheese and crackers or something like that. I have 2 sisters that love to cook and I don’t as much, so I am not usually in charge of much for big meals. But missing dessert is a little sad for big occasions, so I decided I would be proactive and suggest making a flourless chocolate cake.

1. I found a good looking recipe.

2. Gather the ingredients. It said that using quality ingredients makes a big difference, so I bought exactly what they said. European butter, Lindt chocolate, the whole shebang.


2. Make sure my dad had all the equipment: a double boiler and a spring form pan, both of which I have never used before. We are experiencing a true never have I ever moment before, people.



3. Chop the chocolate and the butter. All cooking shows have chopped butter, but no one ever talks about how slippery it is and how it sticks to the knife.


4. Butter the pan, line it with parchment paper and dust it with coco powder. Being the novice that I am, I traced the pan with a pen. I don’t think the ink is really good for you.


(I also don’t think Food 52 would call this a high quality ingredient. )

5. Melt the butter and chocolate in the double boiler. I had to ask my dad for some advice on this, wasn’t sure how much it was supposed to be boiling. He told me this was hard to mess up, which made my palms sweat.



6. Once that is melted, take it off the heat and whisk together the eggs and sugar. Then add the vanilla.


7. Once the chocolate is lukewarm, add it to the eggs. It took me far too long to realize the chocolate wouldn’t cool with hot water under it.


8. Stir them together and pour it into the pan.


Currently I am waiting for it to be done. It said to wait until it begins to crack, so far that hasn’t happened. It also is far from smooth on top of the cake. It may not be professional quality, but it smells delicious. I sure hope it tastes that way!

mail-12Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and trying something new this year. Spice it up.



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