Never have I ever embroidered anything. Over Christmas I turned into an old lady and wanted to do multiple crafty things. I found this embroidery pattern on one of my favorite blogs and decided to give it a go!

My sister Merrie and I went to Joanne Fabrics (which just happens to be at the Lynchburg mall- classy) and bought all of the supplies.

photo 2
photo 4

The first step was carefully tracing the pattern onto the fabric. Merrie took on that project and did a great job.

photo 1

photo 1

Then, I started my first letter. I was sort of freaking out because the instructions didn’t seem entirely clear, but after I got rolling it is pretty easy! It’s pretty relaxing and easy to do while watching a marathon of Law and Order: SVU. Win win.

photo 3photo 2photo 5

I will probably finish this sampler in about 10 years. If we still have the blog then, I’ll reveal the finished product!



One thought on “Embroidery

  1. karisse says:

    “I will probably finish this sampler in 10 years…” Ha ha ha ha.

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