Whole 30

Never have I ever challenged myself to do such a strict diet. Sure, I’ve dieted before. A few years ago I did the 100 Days of Real Food challenge to cut out all processed food. I also gave up meat for Lent one year. I’m no stranger to diets.

I’ve decided to do the Whole 30 diet for 30 days. For some reason I decided this would be a fun (and tough) challenge. I’m not necessarily doing it for weight loss reasons, although that would be nice, but more for health/skin/etc. I’m pretty excited to see how it goes! You can check out the website for all of the information, but basically, these are the rules:


I went to the grocery store tonight and bought meat, tons of vegetables and fruit, some nuts, and coconut oil and milk. I’m ready to go. I drank my last glass of wine last night. Things are getting real. I’m excited to see how this goes!



3 thoughts on “Whole 30

  1. mtalian says:

    Love the new layout! I think I have the same one. Also, the clean eating challenge sounds awesome!

  2. […] Maria is embarking on the Whole 30, I am finding ways to eat more carbs while also eating gluten free. A challenge of a different […]

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