The Original Pancake House and Dominos.

While Maria is embarking on the Whole 30, I am finding ways to eat more carbs while also eating gluten free. A challenge of a different kind. Probably less rewarding.

But I have to say, this weekend I found big success.

#1. On Saturday I convinced the girls in my Bible Study to go to Falls Church in search of gluten free pancakes. You know when you are told you can’t touch something all you want to do is touch it? That is how I have felt about pancakes. I have had them at home and they are really great actually, but the fact that no breakfast place sells them I find infuriating. It is all I want. Finally, I found somewhere to fill this deep need.



Many thanks, OPH. After some hemming and hawing, I decided to go with the banana pancakes. I was going to ask for banana chocolate chip, but it looks like they just put the chocolate chips on top of the pancakes, and I want those bad boys all throughout or nowhere at all.


Everyone was happy.

#2 Pizza. I was just saying to someone the other day that I miss pizza more than anything else while embracing a gluten free lifestyle. For the first few months I tried any pizza I could find and they were always gross. The dough was extra doughy, but missing all that gluten has to offer. On Sunday, during the Redskins completely heart-breaking game, we decided to order from Dominos because they kept showing an ad with a great deal. I remembered that they have gluten free crust, so I decided it was worth trying. I was nervous, but also excited. A half an hour later the boxes arrived. I opened up the small box and it looked promising.

Here is the verdict: the best yet. It was so good and mostly because all of the crust was crunchy.

Now the trick will be not ordering this up all the time.

2013, I thank you for helping me on my quest.



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