Never have I ever accomplished something like this.

You all. I have accomplished something I had counted myself out for. Something I thought I would never be able to do. In fact, I was so sure that this was something so out of my reach that I have often declined the opportunity to even try.

I have earned a free burger from Elevation Burger.


When presented with this type of deal, I scoff and turn the cashier down. I am not even sure why. Is it that I know I will loose or forget about the card? Perhaps. Does it come from somewhere deeper that my parents engrained in me deep within that there is no free lunch and there must be a catch somewhere? Again, maybe. I think it probably comes from a self-realization that it could be embarrassing to be recognized for frequenting someplace.

You would think that embarrassment would hold me back from keeping a card like this at Elevation Burger. Who wants to admit that they have been there 7 times? Well, I guess I do. I love a hamburger place, and despite 1 friend’s consistent complaints about Elevation Burger, I really like it.

Loyalty is something I have always been known for. The house where I lived in college was filled with 8 girls. We spent a lot of time trying to be intentional about encouraging each other, which was amazing. The one character trait they all saw in me was loyalty. It is true-if you are friends with me-get ready for a lifetime of it. The same is true with Burger places, it seems.

I have done it. I have earned a reward for loyalty. I must say that Maria helped me quite a bit. 2 of those 7’s come from her. She has taken the stance I normally take and has refused the loyalty program. But I’m the one who is going to be laughing all the way to the free burger.



Now the only question is, when will I redeem this?


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