The Scariest Flight I Ever Took

This could be quickly replaced, tomorrow night might be the scariest flight ever because it is a red eye. This time it will be due to the fact that I will be flying all night.

I do NOT like staying up all night, being tired is akin to me getting the stomach bug or something.

It isn’t something I normally choose, except tomorrow when I will fly home on a red eye. I am actually kind of looking forward to it. An adventure. Stay tuned on Thursday for the results.

But, I am moving away from my original story. A few years ago I was flying into Denver and there was a storm a brewing. We circled the city a few times. Looking out of the plane looked like this

This is NOT my picture, and this isn’t actually Denver. But you get the idea. It was insane. After circling a few times, I guess the pilot got tired of that. He sent a secret signal to the lead flight attendant who got on the horn to give us this warning:

“We are going to experience some turbulence;  we are going to land in this storm. If we have to make an emergency landing, leave everything behind.”

Those are not words I have ever heard on a loud speaker, and I never want to hear them again. It is also important to note that these are the actual words spoken. I am not making them up. Panic spread over the cabin quickly. Sheer terror was the look that everyone had and there wasn’t much talking.

After what felt like hours, we made it safely to the ground. We did not have to leave everything behind. Thank goodness.  It was an intense storm that looked something like this.

I will let you know how it goes on the red eye. Until then, try to maintain your regular schedule despite your intense curiosity.



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