Red Eye

I’m back ya’ll. It has been quite a trip that involved, planes, the metro, a bus, some walking and driving. But I’m back!

It all started last night around 10 pm when we (Lizzy, her husband Dan and I) left their house for the airport.

Things were real slow in Denver International Airport.

Only one security check point was open.

Only one security check point was open.

If you know me, you know one of my life dreams is to have the people that I have just 1 interaction like me the most for the day. This extends from toll both workers to TSA agents. Well, last night was my dream come true. I was the only one in line. There was a lot of witty repartee about how this is the perfect time to go through security.


There was not 1 other soul in the line.

The tram ride was pretty great too. I am not sure if they call them trams or shuttles or subways, but you get the idea.


The first flight took off at 1 am. It was supposed to land at 6 am. My second flight was supposed to take off at 6:30 AM, all the way across the Charlotte Airport. Apparently this isn’t a legal amount of time between a flight. My gal, darn I wish I knew her name, but the one behind the counter at the gate, she was on the case. She tried to get me to change it to a later flight, but I wasn’t on board with that. I wanted to end the journey as soon as possible. Instead, she moved me up as far as she could.

That gal moved me 17 rows ahead of where I was supposed to be sitting to an exit row. Yes, that’s right, a row that normally cost extra. The business class, of sorts. It had more leg room than I have actually ever seen.

Did I make it, I know you’re all wondering. The first miracle plane landed at 5:35 instead of 6:00. So many extra minutes!! I booked it across the airport (not running like my friend had suggested) and I made it!

The second plane was teeny. 2013-01-24_06-14-50_748

That picture doesn’t show really how small it is. Just 2 seats on each side and it seems like the seats were miniature.  Here was a little surprise, the flight attendant apparently makes cameos on SNL.

click on her so you can hear just what the flight attendant sounded like.

I slept the entire first flight and thought I would the entire second flight. But I decided 2 and half hours was enough sleep because it was so pretty on the flight. The sun was rising over the snow clouds that were covering the land. It was insanely pretty. I stared out the window the whole time muttering a few times to myself about how unreal it looked. The sleepy business man in front of me may not have appreciated my excitement.  Here are some of the pictures which really don’t come close to showing how pretty it was.

At first the sun was barely there.

At first the sun was barely there.


The clouds were the best part.


I felt like I was this guy:

I may have actually transformed into him for a minute. That’s how pumped I was.

After we broke through the reality of landing in the coldest weather of the winter began to sink in. The fact that I had a fleece and 1 mitten as my winter wear was a bit of a mistake. That smacked me walking down these stairs:


The rest of the journey was tedious. To the metro, which was warm.

Then waiting for the bus (most of the time in the wrong place…).

Finally, I got on the Cue Bus for the first time ever. The whole time I was nervous that I was going to do the wrong thing. Luckily I wasn’t the first stop, so I was able to figure it out.


The walk was freezing, but finally I made it. To my car.


What a journey. It was worth every leg of the way.



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