What I have been Missing

I have been eating gluten free since June. The pros: the stomach ache that I have had since college has basically gone away. That is a BIG bonus. There are some cons too. It is harder to eat out and some basics that I miss so much.

All in all, I have adjusted pretty well. The benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

But there is something I have really missed.

What can I say. It is a delicious cereal that works as breakfast, a snack or dessert. The possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, it isn’t gluten free. This is a craving I haven’t been able to satisfy.

Until going to Colorado last week where Lizzy introduced me to something amazing.

This is amazing. I mix it with regular rice chef and walk down memory lane. I have eaten countless bowls so far and at the end of each, I have to talk myself out of having another.




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