I go through phases where I want to be crafty and do tons of fun things in the apartment. Now is one of them. My problem is that I want to do everything in 5 mins with zero effort. I haven’t really figured out how to make that happen yet, but I’ll let you know. Here are a few projects that I’d love to do soon:


I want a rustic-esque bookshelf for my bedroom, so I’m thinking of getting old wooden crates and screwing them together.


I’d also love to make something using shutters or old pieces of wood (who knows where I’ll find those) and put knobs on them. It would be great for holding keys, necklaces, and random objects.



Another thing I’d love to make is one of the “trendy wooden boards with phrases on them” Not very creative these days, but cute nonetheless.  I really love this one.


Hopefully I can make one of these soon. I’ll let you know.



One thought on “Crafty

  1. mtalian says:

    I love the jewelry rack! Lets make them together. I bet anthropologie has awesome knobs.

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