Last Night

Who was outside during that deluge last night? Unfortunately, I was.

After a fun afternoon at my sister’s house I was driving home when the fuel light came on. I don’t live extremely close to a gas station, and was almost home; but I decided I should be proactive and stop now to get gas. I knew a storm was coming, but it hadn’t hit yet.

I got to the gas station and pulled all the way up so the front of the car was not covered by the roof. I noticed 1 raindrop on the windshield, but thought it would start slow and steady. Big mistake. As I started pumping the gas the rain started  pouring. POURING. I stood probably 12 feet behind the car and was still getting wet.

Finally, it was time to leave. I took the nozzle out of the gas tank and in the excitement, I guess, forgot to stop squeezing the nozzle. Gas went everywhere and I was fairly soaking from the rain.

When I made a break for it, to get inside the car, it was as if someone was spraying me in the faee with a fire hose. I was spitting out water and closing my eyes. It was something like this:

My hair was still wet when I went to bed, 3 hours later. It looked something like this:

What an adventure.



One thought on “Last Night

  1. jen says:

    You, my funny, pretty friend, are hysterical. I especially love this one. I’m totes about the self deprecation. 🙂

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