My Funny Valentine

Are you singing it yet?

Today is Valentine’s Day. Despite what society tells me, I LOVE Valentine’s day. So much pink and red, candies abound, what is not to love?

This is my first year not teaching on Valentine’s Day. This might be part of my love for it. It is a low-maintenance party. Kids pass out the cards then sit at their desks and read them.

And often they bring something great for their teacher. This is where the story picks up.

Last year we had parent-teacher conferences on the 13. I met with one student(we’ll call him Gus)’s parents. Both the mom and dad, although I am pretty sure they weren’t married. You’ll see why.

Cut to the next day, February 14. Gus walks in with a giant trash bag announcing that it was a present from his father.

I didn’t open it then. All day Gus kept asking if I had opened it and what it was. The boy had no clue. It was clearly not from him.

The end of the day neared and Gus’s persistence finally wore me down. I tore open the bag, only to be met with a STRONG waft of cologne. STRONG.

I grabbed the furry ears and pulled out a gigantic teddy bear holding a heart that said “I love you!” Gus couldn’t stop talking about it.

I’ll be expecting something this grand this year.


Those expectations might lead me to a more typical response to a dateless Valentine’s Day.

No chance. I will be rocking out to this tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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