Downton, really?

I love Downton Abbey. This was my first season watching it in real time. Meaning, I was late to the party and watched the previous 2 seasons in about a day because I became obsessed. This season I had to wait a full week in between filled with wonder about the latest twists and turns. Then wait another day (until Monday) until the show was available online.

What separates this show from a soap opera? A lot from a daytime soap(so far no one who dies has come back to life-but I actually hope this might happen), but the nighttime variety? Not much. There is scandal, affairs and plenty of characters dying off. I guess what separates it the most is those charming accents and the fact that they are wearing period pieces.

This season was a bit of a doozy. The 2 best characters are dead. What the heck, Downton? WHAT the heck?! If this show had a normal length break of 3 months, I am not sure I would go back for more. But after I have been neglected the pleasure of watching The Dowager Countess sassily insult those around her with a smile on her face, I am sure I will come running back for more when season 4 starts…months after it ends in England and we’ve heard all the scandal.

Let’s face it, she is awesome.


PS: How weird is it to see the actors in modern clothes?

Cora, I am a little scared.

Thomas? Is that you? Your hair is so fluffy.

Daisy, every picture I see of you I can see a teeny piece of your stomach. I am not sure I am crazy about that.

Carson, how did you get so much volume? Probably got Thomas to do it.

One more for good measure. (I could do this all day. I am equally freaked out with each one.)

I’d like to draw a big red X over Matthew’s face. He left the show by his own choosing. He chose to ruin the lives of many.


3 thoughts on “Downton, really?

  1. nvrhaveievr says:

    this made me LOL loudly at work this morning. also, this makes it look like you’re commenting on your own blog post.

  2. Lindy says:

    hahah awesome. hannah. youre the best.

  3. nvrhaveievr says:

    @nvrhaveiever. i am. duh.
    @lindy. no-you’re the best.

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