Never have I ever felt more loved through a blog post. I was scared to be vulnerable, but you all were so kind.

Now all I will be is serious.

Just kidding.

But the truth is, people loved my mom a ton. Everyone who knew her had a special connection with her. Leaving them to care about me, because they cared about her so much. In that way, I am lucky.


As I have mentioned before, Spotify has opened me up to a wider variety of music. Well, so have blogs. I love when people recommend new music and that the internet allows me to listen immediately.

The other day I was guided to a new band, the Morningsiders. Downside, they only have 3 songs. Upside, they’re good. I am completely into bands with lots of instruments, and they meet that requirement. Also, they use the word lady in their lyrics. Bonus.

Just for fun, here is another one. Something else I am enjoying.

Please get excited about Maria and I playing laser tag this weekend. That’s right. Come back to hear more about that.



One thought on “Response

  1. you should listen to Fleet Foxes if you havent

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