Lazer Tag

I can’t say that I’ve never been Lazertagging (new word), but I honestly can’t remember much from the last time I went. I think I was in 6th grade and it was at Skateland in Lynchburg, VA. LEt me tell you, you were missing out on some epic entertainment.

It was our awesome friend Carli’s birthday on Monday, so on Saturday night, a bunch of us went out to dinner and then to play Lazer Tag. Now THIS was epic.

We arrived there at around 10:30 on Saturday night and the place was cleared out. It was just our group, a young boy, and what seemed to his mom or strange babysitter. The place had a lovely outer space theme as evidenced in the pictures.

Carli living the dream

Carli living the dream


I'm glad Shadowland "welcome's" us

I’m glad Shadowland “welcome’s” us


The debriefing room. Intense.

The briefing room. Intense.


A creepy hallway

A creepy hallway


Just a nice memorabilia area.

Just a nice memorabilia area.


A lovely eating spot.

A lovely eating spot.

We had to fill out a waiver signing over our lives and then went into the briefing room where a lazer tag worker told us how to play the game. Unfortunately, he spoke about 1000 words a minute, so I was unable to fully grasp anything he was saying. Who cares, we were just going to wing it!

We played two games. I was consistently last place since I was unable to hide and unable to shoot others. Guess its good that I’m not in the military. IT was super fun though! I couldn’t stop laughing at how intense people were. Especially the boy and his babysitter/mom.

All in all, a fantastic night. Carli, thanks for being born!




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