If I could be anyone

This is one of my favorite questions: What would you be if you could be anything? (Job wise) and talent means nothing.

I have  a few other great questions:

How much would you have to be paid to raise and care for a hairless cat?

Or, how much would you need to be paid to eat Fish McBites for all of your meals for a month? I mean it, all your meals.

Or, if you had to have talons for feet or wings for arms, what would you choose? Think carefully, wings for arms means yes to flying and no to hands. There is a right answer for this one. You better get it.

So, getting back to my original question, about what I would be if my natural gifts had nothing to do with it. I used to say if I could do anything I would want to be a writer for Sesame Street. Education was my world then. I love that show because it teaches and is funny.

I don’t think that is my answer anymore. I am pretty happy doing what I am doing now. But if I am dreaming big, a job that is out of my reach, I think I would have a show on HGTV. I would be Sarah from Sarah’s House.

What? That’s not your favorite show? It is so good. And the best part is she redesigned her summer house which is on an island on some lake in Canada. The house is my exact dream house. So designing it should be my dream job.

Great living room.

So, Sarah, if you are looking for an apprentice, or a house sitter, let me know.



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