A few thoughts for a Thursday Morning

1. The New Pope.

I love the ceremony involved in picking a new Pope. I love the smoke, I love how the whole world waits united in their on-looking, I love all the news from Italy. I just love it!

I am also pumped that they picked someone that isn’t European, just mixing things up.

I love that he picked the name Francis. St. Francis of Assisi is my favorite Saint. Granted, not being Catholic I don’t have a ton of Saint knowledge, but I went to Assisi while in Italy and became inthralled with him. So, good pick on the name.


(This is the prayer of St. Francis)

It is also fascinating to me, that this man left Argentina to come to this conclave and won’t be going back. Did you know they send someone to get his things? 130313154512-16-st-peters-reaction-0313-horizontal-gallery

I also must say I love his transition lenses.

2. There is no real good way to transition from talking about the Pope, so here I go. I bought the paint to start painting my coffee table. I immediately started second guessing myself after making the investment. But I started on it last night, very preliminarily. I just painted the legs to see what it will look like. If you missed the ever important reveal of the color on instagram:


(I am kidding about the reveal, don’t you worry).

3. This is the saddest part of the post. Google Reader is going to stop being. I opened it up last night and a sad little box popped up saying that as of July 1, it would be no more.  I can’t describe to you the immediate sinking in my stomach. I am not kidding. Google reader provides me with some of my greatest entertainment daily. Its the best magazine that comes to me daily, keeping me up on all my blogs.

I’m ticked Google.

Now here is where I figure out computer code and make a similar, better RSS feed and become filthy rich.

Who’s with me??



One thought on “A few thoughts for a Thursday Morning

  1. Courtney says:

    So glad to hear someone gets excited about the pope as I do.
    p.s. still loving your blog, it’s one of my favorite lunch time reads.

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