Bathroom Makeover

Never have I ever spray painted all of the fixtures in my bathroom. My bathroom is a cute little room that is about the size of a person. I love it though. It has a cool stand up triangle shaped shower and a cute little pedestal sink. I’ve lived with it being “as-is” since we moved in, but last weekend I decided to start jazzing it up a bit…I like things jazzy.

This is the bathroom when I moved in (it’s the only picture I could find):

FX7904152-16Adorable, but pretty white and basic. So, I decided to start by spray painting all of the fixtures Oil Rubbed Bronze a la Young House Love.

photo 1photo 2photo 3Lovely, aren’t they? A little early 90’s with the shiny gold. I took them outside on the back porch, and same as Hannah, used old Whole Foods bags as a drop cloth.

photo 4Abby was a wonderful helper. She just awkwardly stared at me the whole time.

photo 5I love this spray paint

I love this spray paint

photo 4photo 1photo 2

It’s hard to tell with pictures, but the spray paint is metallic and has little flecks of silver and gold in it, so it’s not just pure black. Get excited, Friday is bringing a full bathroom reveal, complete with painted walls too!





2 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover

  1. Tricia says:

    That’s the cutest pic of Abby I’ve ever seen.

  2. […] does look better. I finished painting the fixtures in Oil Rubbed Bronze last weekend (via the post here). This week, I decided to paint my bathroom walls. It took a total of 10 minutes per coat because […]

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