Nice Furniture

Never have I ever owned a nice piece of furniture. Until now. This blog is turning into quite the home decor blog. Sorry for being so one demential, I guess it is a desire for spring and new things. Heaven knows we aren’t getting that from the weather.

Back on track. Ever since I have lived on my own, I have gathered furniture. Most of it is from IKEA or hand-me-downs.  I have a lot of the stuff I had in college, and I have added to it. When I moved into Camelot, the house where I lived in college, my mom and I went to Hess Furniture store and bought a dresser, a desk and some other sundries.

The furniture has moved with me since. This is the dresser we got. I am pretty sure it cost $50, it might have been $20. Pretty great.


I actually really like it. It is classic. There are 2 problems with it. #1. It is miniature. Sure, I love mini’s just as much as the next guy, probably more, but this was too small for function. #2. The drawers were falling apart. mail-1

This might have had something to do with problem #1. I may have stuffed them a bit too much.

My gracious cousins, Mary Welby and Bill, are downsizing and looking for homes for a lot of their furniture. I mentioned to Bill that I am looking for a dresser and his eyes lit up. They had been looking for someone to take Mary Welby’s father’s chest of drawers.


Problem solved. For both of us.



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