I have been to NYC, but not for a very long time. I decided to hit up the city for basically 24 hours with my roommate Karisse, her sister Kristel, and friend Melany. We stayed at her awesome friend Anne Marie’s house right outside of the city We took a bus from Union Station to NYC on Thursday night, went into the city all day on Friday, and I’m currently on the bus back to DC. It was a spontaneous, whirlwind trip, but I had a blast! Live it up, right?

I can cross several things off of my Never Have I Ever list:

  • Eat a bagel in The Bronx
  • Go to Grand Central Station
  • Have Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee
  • Go to Tiffany’s (yes, I’ve never been in)
  • Look for celebrities in Central Park
  • Eat hot dogs at Gray’s Papaya
  • Eat a food truck waffle
  • Go in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Good Friday
  • Eat a huge piece of NY style pizza
  • Enter into a lottery for free Newsies tickets and get really nervous and excited while they call out the winners (and not win)
  • Eat at Starlite Diner
  • See myself on the jumbotron in Times Square
  • Eat a mini pie from Pie Face
  • Take the bus back to DC by myself






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