Can’t get it out of my head

A few weeks ago I read this post on A Cup of Jo and I can’t get it out of my mind.

My sister Maria told me about this artist last year after watching a documentary on HBO about her. Her name is Marnia Abramović and she a piece of performance art at the Museum of Modern Art where she sat in a chair and makes intense eye contact with someone for a short period of time and then they leave. People flocked to be a part of this and were moved immensely. I haven’t seen the documentary, but I want to. Maria told me that people left the chair crying. She also said that she was unable to change the channel. She was sucked in.

So, I had this background knowledge before reading the post on A Cup of Jo, then things got even weirder. Apparently, Marnia had an intense relationship with a man. I have a hard time believing that this woman could do anything in a way that wasn’t intense. When they wanted to break up, instead of just doing it, they decided on something unconventional. They both started at one end of the Great Wall of China, met in the middle, hugged  and kept walking. They never saw each other again.

I can’t get over this. It is so bizarre. It is so far from who I am, I can’t imagine it actually happening.

The best part is, THE STORY DOESN”T END THERE. It gets weirder. So, Marnia is performing her piece and they bring in the ex-lover. (Lover really is the only word that is appropriate here. Marnia doesn’t have boyfriends, she has lovers).  While her eyes are closed, he sits down and they share a few minutes of eye contact. I don’t know what happens after, but I have to assume nothing.

To bring this full circle, yesterday while at George Mason, there was a girl standing in the North Plaza and her friends were asking if passersby would dress her. She was trying her hardest to channel Marnia. Looking straight forward, hair in a braid. Somehow dressing her and taking a picture didn’t have quite the same effect. She also talked, which was weird.

I hope this is now as stuck in your head as it is mine. Amaze your friends, no one will believe you are telling them something real.




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