Please Learn From My Mistakes.

This is a cautionary tale, so please listen up.

I hate dirty keyboards. Back in the days when I went to college computer labs were a big part of the college experience. I think this is where my hatred began. Those slimy keys have grossed me out forever.

I like to try to keep my commuters from reaching this state. Sure its unlikely that something I own will get the same usage as say a computer at the public library or in a computer lab, but I am not taking any chances. In my last computer change, I went from a white Macbook to a silver one with black keys. The white computer was HARD to keep clean, and I was hoping the black one wouldn’t be a problem.

I was wrong, it needs cleaning too. Normally I do this with a cotton ball and a little rubbing alcohol. This is not the approved method, but the cotton ball absorbs most of the liquid-leaving this a safe (in my mind) option.

Recently, I decided this wasn’t enough. I wanted more. After searching on some forums, I found some people have had success with magic erasers. They use water, I tried with alcohol. I wanted the best of all options.

Let’s cut a long story a little bit shorter, there was a lot of excess liquid on the keyboard. Even then I didn’t think any thing of it. Later that night I went to look something up and found most of the middle keys didn’t work, and a few other random ones.

I figured using a blow drier on it would make a difference and then I left standing up like a tent all night long.


It didn’t.

LUCKILY, it can get fixed. So I am crossing off 2 Never Have I Evers: Never have I ever had a cleaning session go so wrong AND never have I ever backed up my computer.


Probably good I did both.



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