The time Martha Stewart ran into my bag

You read that right. Last night I went to the preview night of the Smithsonian Craftshow. A family friend of ours is a part of the committee that puts it on and my dad brought me with him. I have never been before and man was it great! There are people from all over the country that come to show and sell there work. One lady we talked to came from Juno, Alaska. Apparently 1,000s of artists apply to show here, but only a small number are selected.


After the selective process, the craft show works like many a fall festival. Each one has a booth and people walk around, look at it and buy it. The most impressive, I thought, was this woman named Lucrezia Beiler. Her art is cutting paper with tiny scissors to make a picture.


Yep. That’s all cut from 1 single piece of paper.

My other favorite one was Leah Evans who does textile designs. The pieces she makes look like maps, which I thought were so cool.


But, I must say that the thing that impressed me most was, Martha Stewart was the Honorary Chairman. She was there milling around looking at all the wares. And I will tell you something, Martha looks good in person.


I was too scared to talk to her, but she did walk so close to me, that she bumped my bag that I was holding on my shoulder. Guys, that is ridiculously close. This might trump the time I went to a sweet sixteen party with Rudy Huxtable. Maybe.

She's mad, I shouldn't have said that.

She’s mad, I shouldn’t have said that.

Great night.





One thought on “The time Martha Stewart ran into my bag

  1. Karisse says:

    Now I wanna know about the sweet sixteen party…

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