Where all the moms are on a rainy Monday

On Mondays, I hang out with my girl B. B money is the daughter of Caroline. Caroline and I lived together for more time than I have lived with anyone, outside of my family and I LOVE her daughter.

Sometimes we go and have pancakes, sometimes we go to the mall. This Monday, Caroline suggested we go to the Children’s Museum. Apparently this place has been panned by critics, because it is really just the basement of a hotel,  but I had a fabulous time people watching there.

Caroline and her family are members at the museum, there is something so exclusively wonderful about being a member somewhere. Am I right? My family always jokes about including a membership to Costco in obituaries.

We arrived just as all the babies were waking up from naps. I know that because it was true for B and the line was super long when we got there, but no other time during our stay.

Just taking it all in with amazement.

Just taking it all in with amazement.

Here are some of the things I observed. When we first got there, B showed great interest in the food area. Specifically the tomatoes.


Yes, she took the whole box. Mind you there were whole boxes of many things. The first funny bit when she had the tomatoes is another kid was interacting with her. It is EXTREMELY awkward when 2 stranger babies are interacting. Both care takers mill awkwardly about sometimes even inserting dialogue until one has had enough and suggests moving on to something else. This usually doesn’t go over too well with the baby. This is what happened here.

What happened next was even better. One of the docents clearly was on high alert that the basket of tomatoes was gone. She began the search for the contraband. Finally, she found the fugitive and immediately began speaking to her as if she were 13. B just turned 1. She asked many questions looking right at her, and I guess assuming I was going to answer. I don’t engage in this sort of thing. I remained silent. The best is yet to come though, after this she began giving a lesson about how the chairs double as drums and the different types of tones. After giving the lesson, she asked B if she wanted to try. COME ON, then said to me: “Adult, would you like to try?” No. She looked as shocked as I felt annoyed.

We then ventured into the toddler room.


In this room I noticed a few amazing things. 1. All the moms looked the same. They had on Yoga pants, a pair of these shoes:

A TON of make up and absolutely perfect hair. They all had one of these over their shoulders:

I was amazed and stuck out like a sore thumb.

One of my favorite vignettes was in the food truck. This truck was filled with pretend food, so of course B money was all about it. Another group walked in with a gaggle of camera toting parents close behind. One little boy starting picking up food and a mom started telling him in a baby voice what the food was and signing it to him. I later discovered this boy was a stranger to her. It is clear she thinks it is a shame for any child to go through life wondering what the sign for grapes is.

This was quite a day. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, me or B.



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