Some Alternatives

Here is the truth, I am a competitive person. If I commit to doing something, I want to do it all the way. This streak within me does stop me from doing some things, and it compels me to be compulsive about others.

My Bible study is doing an 8 week challenge. I will admit, I was hesitant about saying yes to it. But, I did and therefore am all in. Each day you have to complete certain things to get points. I have only missed 5 points so far (I had dinner after 9 one time. DANG IT).

This week has presented a new challenge. It is pouring outside and there is no real end in sight.

I have to exercise 5 out of the 7 days this week for 45 minutes. I only like to exercise outside, but this just can’t happen. So I started looking for some alternatives.

1. I downloaded the 30 day shred.

I did it yesterday. It was pretty miserable. I am fairly certain I didn’t get all the results desired. First of all I didn’t have the hand weights that Jillian required. Second of all, I did not do everything she said. I downloaded it and after 30 seconds I paused it and started walking to the door to bag the whole thing. I could run in the rain. With my hand on the door I decided to go back. I pushed through, listen to Jillian and pushed through. I can’t count it for a day of exercise though, because it was only 20 minutes.


The set up was pretty shim sham.

2. Today I decided I needed to do something else for 2 reasons. 1. My quads are fairly sore from the shred. 2. I needed to find a way to exercise for 45 minutes and I knew I couldn’t do the shred twice. The Cleggs have a treadmill in their garage. I don’t love treadmills, but I decided this was the best option for today.


I stink at running and walking on treadmills. I think it is so hard. I love the ups and downs that a hill offers. The incline and decline don’t quite offer me the same thing.

I love a good challenge.



One thought on “Some Alternatives

  1. I shredded once. That Jillian will do a number on you.

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