Business v. Education

Last week I went to a non Young Life non education seminar. This was the first time ever and I noticed some fairly major differences between the world of education and the world of business. I know your minds are BLOWN after reading that sentence, believe me. I want to let you in on a few of those differences.

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Education vs. Business World

Please note that this is the format the comparisons will take, even if vs. isn’t the perfect word.

Female Dominated vs. Male Dominated

At conferences for teachers there are rarely any men. This is a stereotype that holds up. The Chick-Fil-A leadercast? Mostly men. Mostly men in attendance and mostly men speaking. I know this isn’t always the case, but it is very different from education.

Jeans are dressy vs. Jeans are sloppy

At a conference for teachers, there is a good chance someone is coming in one of these:

Probably more than one person. I realized quickly, that outside of the business world a conference does not mean a chance to dress like you just got out of bed. Luckily, my sweatsuit was dirty, so I was in jeans…but one of the few.

Consider yourself lucky to get Panera at lunch time vs. Food offered all day

Honestly, teachers are happy if you give them more than a half an hour, they are willing to pay as long as they have enough time to go somewhere. And don’t you worry, every conference starts with the promise of an hour lunch followed immediately with a buzz of track suited ladies talking about how nice it will be. Business conferences have a plethora of free food, and I must say, not a lot of talking about how nice it is. It is just expected.

Everyone talking about nightmare students vs. Everyone talking about deals

Of course, I don’t have a ton of experience in non-education conferences, so take this with a grain of salt. But I do know teachers, and they are a fairly humble bunch that likes to complain (who doesn’t). So if you gather a bunch of teachers, they will inevitably start talking about the nightmare students they have encountered and all the ridiculous outside of teaching things they have been asked to do. With. Out. Fail. It is actually pretty entertaining, don’t judge. From what I heard at the other conference, people talk about all the things going well. Funny isn’t it, teachers talk about what is going wrong while others talk about what is going right?

I think that is enough. There are zillions of differences, that is for sure.  I must say, I am certainly glad to be breaking out of a rut and experiencing something new.



One thought on “Business v. Education

  1. Caroline says:

    You crushed it on the teacher conferences. Hilarious!

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