29 Diner

Never have I ever been to 29 Diner. But on the occasion of my friend Hannah Powers graduating from George Mason, I finally had the pleasure. IMG_0015

The crazy thing is, I grew up within walking distance of it and it is a Fairfax Landmark.

I have a few funny things of note about this place.


29 Diner claims to be open 24 hours. Not only is that not true, the hours are very irregular. You never know when it is going to be open or closed.


My brother worked here a few years ago. He worked 1 shift. They never fired him, they just never scheduled him again. After quite a bit of questioning, he did mention he broke the handle on the pictured refrigerator. That might have had something to do with it.

IMG_0011They use a lot of butter. Yes, that is what the yellow stuff is.

We have reached the full extent of my hilarious antidotes about this landmark. I must be honest, I didn’t eat anything. It did look good and it was h-o-t inside. Not sure that air-conditioning was standard when this place was built.




(look closely, those waitresses have bloody eyes.)

I wonder if there are any other Fairfax landmarks that I have yet to visit.



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