Sippin’ and Paintin’

Last night my roommate Karisse and I went to a LivingSocial event at swanky 918 F Street in DC. It is called “Sippin and Paintin” and consisted of wine and attempting to recreate a professional painting in two hours. What’s not to love?

The venue was so pretty! We sat and waited in big comfy sofas until they called us into the room to begin.

photo 1

Each station had an easel, a picture of the painting we were going to recreate, and paints and brushes. There was a bartender that served wine and champagne. This is my kind of studio art class.

photo 2photo 3

The actual artist that painted this original painting was there to guide us step by step. He was really nice and didn’t scream or yell at us as I remember from professors during my studio art classes in college. That was a nice perk.

Getting ready to start!

Getting ready to start!


photo 1

The painting was super fun! We were really into it and intense most of the time. Everyone around us was continually saying things like “My barn looks awful!” and “This looks like something a 2 year old would do!” but it was fun nonetheless.

Halfway through!

photo 5photo 2

And I present, our final masterpieces:

photoThese are not for sale, unfortunately, because they are priceless, but please contact me for custom quotes. All in all, a totally fun night. Bonus, something I’ve never done before!



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