Today I heard on NPR

I love talk radio, especially NPR. I always hear such interesting things on it. Today was no exception. While driving to Cafe Rio I heard something that I cannot stop thinking about.

.I was listening to Metro Connection and there was a story about this project called Postsecret. People send this guy postcards with secrets from their life on it. He said the number one secret is that people pee in the shower. Big deal.

But then they got to the secret I can’t stop thinking about:



This is real. Someone really sent this because this is true of someone. It is haunting. I can’t really even put words to all that this makes me feel: outrage, intrigue, sadness, and more.

AHH. come on!


PS-I am leaving for Saranac for the month of June and not sure how much I will be posting. Dry your eyes.


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