Guess Who’s Back

I hope you’re up on the Eminem reference I just made. I was going to add in a video, but it seemed a little skeezy, so I didn’t.

I’m back! I actually got back last week, but it has taken me a while to get back to a regular schedule. I had a fantastic month at Saranac, but today I want to tell you about a true Never Have I Ever.

In the middle of my time at the ‘Nac (that’s what the locals call it), I left to go to the beach with my roommates from college. We went to Pawley’s Island because one of my roommates, Liz Hall (there were 3 Liz’s)’s dad has a house there. It was living in the lap of luxury. Days on the beach, nice dinners and great friends.

We haven’t gotten to the Never Have  I Ever. I have always wanted to go night swimming in the ocean. My dad used to talk about it when I was little, but the conditions have never been right. Either it was too chilly at night to go, too far from the ocean, or no one who would do it with me.

Not the case this time. I mentioned it one day as we relaxed in the perfectly warm water and my friends jumped on board. This is what makes these friends so great.  None of them wanted to do this, but they all were willing to do it for me.

Before I leave you with a myriad of pictures from the night, I will tell you the most thrilling part of night swimming in the ocean. You can’t see those waves as they crash in your face. Who know’s when they’re coming?

Pre-plunge selfie

Pre-plunge selfie


Everyone was nervous

Everyone was nervous

Bucket-list item complete

Bucket-list item complete





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