A Real Cultural Experience

Upon my return home, I was in the market for a cultural experience, and luckily Bravo was ready to provide just that experience.

I am pretty sure not many other people have seen this show, so I am here to fill you in on the hit of the summer:

Princesses Long Island. (I think there should be an of in there, but there isn’t).

I don’t get why this is a show, but yet I can’t stop watching. All of those ladies are hovering 30 and live at home with their parents. A few of them work, but it seems the majority doesn’t.

This vignette will explain why this show is so great. The ladies decided to hit the Hamptons for the weekend and how else would they get there than a party bus! Their parents dropped them off at the bus (you read that right) and as the bus pulls away the girls are in the bus crying. Go back to the second sentence of this paragraph; they were going for the weekend.

These gals often talk about how pampered they are and how unlimited their budgets are, typical reality tv fare, but what is surprising is that some have parents who work in strip malls and most live in houses that look like this:

If you are looking for a cultural experience, please enjoy Princesses Long Island.


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