The Book of Mormon

While I am not prepared to use this forum to get into the nitty gritty of this play, I can’t leave it unspoken about.

I have wanted to see The Book of Mormon for a while now. My family often goes to see a play in New York every few years and that was our last pick, but it was sold out for years, we saw War Horse instead. My thirst for seeing began then and finally last night, I saw it.

When I heard that The Book of Mormon was coming to the Kennedy Center I marked the day the tickets went on sale on my calendar. They sold out before I could get tickets. Yep, dreams dashed. Maria was in on this adventure, and we decided to go for re-sold tickets on stub-hub.

Yes, they were more expensive this way, but I believe it was worth it. The play is hilarious. It is highly inappropriate for children and adults alike. But what I can’t get over, even this morning, was the dancing. The dancing was hilariously fantastic. The creators of South Park clearly took what they saw in musicals and kicked it into high gear. There was a lot of big hand motions, obviously. I tried to find a video to incapsulate what I am talking about, but couldn’t find one. You’ll have to see it.


It was worth the stub-hub price.



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