Stuck in an Elevator


My friend Emily got married last weekend in Charlotte. Emily and I met when I was 16 and we were working at Saranac for work crew. It was such a fantastic month and we have been friends ever since.  It was a great weekend, but definitely a weekend full of Never Have I Evers.

Never Have I Ever been to Charlotte.


(I loved it and have thought about moving there ever since.)

Never Have I Ever been to a wedding completely alone really knowing only the bride.


(It was fantastic, her friends are very welcoming and made it so easy.)

Never Have I Ever been to a dry bar.


(These are very in…it is a place that dries your hair-I know you are thinking that sounds excessive, if you had my hair you wouldn’t think so. You would be asking why I don’t do it more often. Trust me.)

But the most exciting, Never Have I Ever been stuck in an elevator.

Emily’s wedding was at the Foundation for the Carolina’s in Charlotte. It is a museum downstairs, where the ceremony was, and upstairs has a reception area on the rooftop. It was really beautiful.

Nice big cat, want it?

Nice big cat, want it?

To get upstairs we had to take the elevator. They said there were only stairs to get down from the fourth floor-not up. I am still scratching my head over that one.  There were only 2 elevators and over 100 people.  The elevators were not fast-moving.  Everyone was eager to get up to the party, so we jammed the elevator full.

I am not exactly sure how many people ended up on that elevator, or how many people over capacity it was. We pressed the 4 and waited. No one said anything negative for a few minutes. We were full of hope and anticipation for the night. After what felt like an eternity someone asked, “Are we moving?” Nope, sure didn’t feel like it. It became clear that we were moving, but going up and down. Someone pressed the alarm, which didn’t seem to do much. With the ringing of the alarm and the up and down motion of the elevator, panic set in. I was in an elevator with at least 20 strangers and my fear of being confined was setting in. Sweat quickly formed and shallow breaths. I had to keep reminding myself to stay calm.

Finally the doors opened and released us into the basement of the building.


   You can see that some were eager to jump right back onto the elevator, while I waited, too scared to return. This picture I find so funny because I don’t know the person taking the picture, yet I am posing for them. Tragedy brought us together. I waited in the basement for at least 10 more minutes for another elevator to come back for us. I thought for a minute I might never get out.

I did, people, you can rest assured.


All was not lost due to that unfortunate event. It ended up being fantastic.

Congratulations, Emily!



2 thoughts on “Stuck in an Elevator

  1. i just got a little clammy reading that. i would have panicked.

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