Choices by Shawn

My friend Jen is about to leave for a semester in Korea, so we decided to celebrate with a big American breakfast. I haven’t found the perfect breakfast spot just yet, but I had heard great things about Choices By Shawn and we decided to try it out. What a name, am I right people? What a strange name.

Choices by Shawn is known to be a gluten friendly kind of place, but also just plain delicious. It is in a big old house right in Fairfax City.

vsco_1It has all the charm you want from a good breakfast place. Not a chain, a place to sit outside, steaming hot coffee,  and delicious eggs and pancakes. Do you really need any more in a Saturday morning? I challenge you to think of more.

Choices (the shortened name is still weird) has a system for gluten free diners. You get a red card upon arrival


And your meal is to be served on a red plate. Ever heard of the Scarlett Letter? Yeah, my sentiments exactly.


The pancakes were delicious, red plate or not. I was served an entire bowl of butter. A good morning was had by all. Jen had eggs, biscuits and gravy. The gravy was a much darker brown than what I am accustomed to, not exactly photogenic, but she said it was good. I think I might have found the breakfast spot I have been searching for all these years.



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