Radio Silence

Most springs and summers I get on a running kick. This year is no exception, in fact I am getting ready for the Army 10 miler in October. I run in a variety of pretty places where I see things like this:


or this:


Normally, I am listening to something like this:

(I don’t know why this video won’t embed. It is infuriating me-but I think you’ll be happy if you click on it.)


I like to keep things varied while I run.

BUT, the other day I had lunch with my friend Alison and she was telling me how much she was enjoying running listening to nothing. That’s crazy, I thought, no chance I could go longer than 5 minutes listening to nothing.  But, in the honor of  Never Have I Ever, I thought I would give it a shot.

I decided I would have some time to think, pray, and reflect. Some time to be quiet and watch the things around me. But, I’d bring my headphones just in case.

I have to tell you it was way more successful than I thought. Although I did have trouble hearing my thoughts over my loud breathing, I was able to think about some things I have been pushing out of my head and pray for some things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Alison was right!

AND, I ran further than I have from my house this summer. Success.


(But, I may go back to Beyoncé tomorrow. Who knows?)


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