Do you remember me? Hannah’s long lost friend, Maria? I know, it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy living the dream this summer. I just got back from Hawaii, something I NEVER thought I would get to do! My completely awesome friend Jessica invited me to come with her for her 30th birthday celebration and of course I gladly accepted. Her parents are there for about a month, and they used to live on the island when Jessica was little, so they definitely know their way around. We had a built in chaffeaur and tour guide service for the entire week! There are so many things to blog about from that week, so I’ll break it up into a few posts.

One of my favorite things we did was going to Pearl Harbor and seeing the USS Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri. Sadly and thruthfully, I always think those kind of things will end up being boring, but this tour was completely awesome. It was so moving to see where the USS Arizona was below the water line and where the memorial was built right on top of it. The USS Missouri was awesome to see too. It was fascinating to see what a working ship looked like and felt like. I can’t imagine living on their for months at a time!

Here are some pictures of our day. Get pumped, I’m coming back soon with shark dive stories and pictures.

The USS Missouri:

919317_10100146956704836_1925997057_o1167453_10100146956789666_831742793_o (2)1167641_10100146956969306_378033422_o1096945_10100146957064116_603235447_o1167213_10100146957318606_1338420890_o1172414_912620354712_1209506599_o1094746_912620539342_490517492_o1097300_912620444532_1117408133_o1116046_912619935552_1071755971_o


And the USS Arizona Memorial:



This is just the beginning of the awesome week! Back later for more.



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