Singing instead of Fountains

You’ll be happy to know the adventures of Hannah and B continue this year. These adventures take me into the land of the stay at home mom.  As an outsider, I believe I can see things with a clearer eye.

Today, I took B to the fountains at the Mosaic District (our favorite hot spot). Much to our chagrin, there was a lady there with a guitar instead. What makes people suspend what they know is good and bad when they have kids? I am not saying everyone does it, but it does seem to happen.

The lady with the guitar was singing songs with huge gaps in between verses as she maneuvered the kids she was using as props around the “stage” (actually just the sidewalk). As she pleaded for people to participate, I promise I saw more grown ladies’ arms than children’s.

B and I weren’t buying it. IMG_0389


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