Blazing New Trails.

Well, hello there.

Yes, I have been fairly absent. Mason Young Life has started back up and my life has been pretty much all about that. Little time for new adventures. This past week I walked/ran 2 new trails though, and they were pretty exciting.

On Friday I went with 2 Mason students to the Bull Run Trail. This has an entrance in Clifton, out by Hemlock. I mention that I went with 2 other people because I tried going to this trail a few months ago by myself but got freaked out and turned around after a few minutes. What freaked me out? I didn’t have cell phone reception and there were zero other people. I felt like it was the perfect recipe for an abduction. I’m not exactly sure what 2 other people would do, other than make it a mass abduction, but I felt better about it.  Turns out, this place is beautiful. It is a trail right by a big stream/small river. We didn’t end up walking that far, instead we waded in the water. It was pretty great, and I have to wonder why it is such an undiscovered gem?





On Saturday, I told Maria I would do a long run with her. She is running a half marathon this weekend. I did everything possible to set myself up for failure: didn’t sleep very much, didn’t drink very much and didn’t eat very much either. The only thing I did right was find a good place to run. We decided to run a trail at Manassas Battlefield. She needed to run 11 miles, and they have 2 loops-one is 5.5 miles and the other 6.something. We set out to run the 5.5 mile one twice. I can’t speak for Maria, but I felt like curling up into a ball for a long time after one loop. She decided to go on to the longer loop second and I kept going on the first (knowing I wasn’t going to do the whole thing). We both turned around before too long and headed to Peterson’s for a reward.

The trail is good for running though. It is pretty, not too many people on it and varied scenery. All in all, it was way more successful than it should have been. I was too busy sweating to take pictures, but here is one from the internet.




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