Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Only a very small fraction of this title is appropriate. Approximately 33%. You’ll see.

My life has taken a turn for the outdoorsy. No one would have described me that way in the past, but in this season in life I am enjoying it more and more! This past weekend I went to White Oak Canyon in Shenandoah National Park. If you have never been before-it is worth the drive alone (of which I have zero pictures, but trust me). It is off Skyline Drive, which again, I have never been on. It is almost as if I didn’t grow up here.


Before we began our adventure my friend Alex warned that it was possible we would see bears or snakes. I thought to myself, “that is highly unlikely.”

I was wrong.

Within minutes of walking a group of friendly Germans in front of us stopped to look way into the trees. There was a bear cub WAY up in the trees.


This led me to question a few things 1. Doesn’t that seem awfully high up for a bear to be? 2. Why do people put their stuff in bear bags while camping if they can get up that high?

3. Where was that baby’s Mama? I actually couldn’t stop thinking about question number 3.


We  got further down the path and nearly stepped on a stick…that rattled, or a rattlesnake! What the heck? Shouldn’t they live in a desert or something? Someplace warmer? After a while it coiled up, I thought this meant it was relaxing. Actually, it was getting ready to attack. Thank goodness it didn’t.


Lest you don’t believe me that the pictured snake is truly a rattlesnake, a snake lover approached the snake soon after us and quickly identified it as a rattlesnake as he closely examined it.

On the way back we saw that baby bear again with her mother and another baby. What a day! I have never seen so much dangerous wildlife in one place. I must admit I felt that I was in the zoo and had a lot more confidence than I should have.

Please enjoy some non-wildlife pictures from the day.





2 thoughts on “Lions and Tigers and Bears!

  1. Katete says:

    Friends on Skyline trail also saw rattlers and bears recently – at least you didn’t see the bear this way (apparently bear bags and tree stands are equally un-bearproof!):

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