The Book of Mormon

While I am not prepared to use this forum to get into the nitty gritty of this play, I can’t leave it unspoken about.

I have wanted to see The Book of Mormon for a while now. My family often goes to see a play in New York every few years and that was our last pick, but it was sold out for years, we saw War Horse instead. My thirst for seeing began then and finally last night, I saw it.

When I heard that The Book of Mormon was coming to the Kennedy Center I marked the day the tickets went on sale on my calendar. They sold out before I could get tickets. Yep, dreams dashed. Maria was in on this adventure, and we decided to go for re-sold tickets on stub-hub.

Yes, they were more expensive this way, but I believe it was worth it. The play is hilarious. It is highly inappropriate for children and adults alike. But what I can’t get over, even this morning, was the dancing. The dancing was hilariously fantastic. The creators of South Park clearly took what they saw in musicals and kicked it into high gear. There was a lot of big hand motions, obviously. I tried to find a video to incapsulate what I am talking about, but couldn’t find one. You’ll have to see it.


It was worth the stub-hub price.



The Hamilton

Last night, I went with my friend Jenny to see Gregory Allen Isakov  at the Hamilton. Never have I ever seen Gregory Allen Isakov, but more importantly, never I have I ever been to The Hamilton.

(This was my favorite song they played-not my recording.)

The Hamilton is a restaurant/music venue on 14th street, and it is pretty dang great.


The tickets to last night’s show were $17, not that much more than a movie, but definitely a more high class experience. Jenny and I were both actually surprised at the high class experience it was. The Hamilton was host to all ages, old and young, and mostly much more dressed up than we were. Our tickets were for standing room only, and I was picturing something more of a mosh pit type area for us to be standing; instead we were offered high top bar tables. It felt very much like a jazz club.




The last bonus of the night was, The Question Man was there. I had a few questions for him that I left unasked.



A Real Cultural Experience

Upon my return home, I was in the market for a cultural experience, and luckily Bravo was ready to provide just that experience.

I am pretty sure not many other people have seen this show, so I am here to fill you in on the hit of the summer:

Princesses Long Island. (I think there should be an of in there, but there isn’t).

I don’t get why this is a show, but yet I can’t stop watching. All of those ladies are hovering 30 and live at home with their parents. A few of them work, but it seems the majority doesn’t.

This vignette will explain why this show is so great. The ladies decided to hit the Hamptons for the weekend and how else would they get there than a party bus! Their parents dropped them off at the bus (you read that right) and as the bus pulls away the girls are in the bus crying. Go back to the second sentence of this paragraph; they were going for the weekend.

These gals often talk about how pampered they are and how unlimited their budgets are, typical reality tv fare, but what is surprising is that some have parents who work in strip malls and most live in houses that look like this:

If you are looking for a cultural experience, please enjoy Princesses Long Island.

Guess Who’s Back

I hope you’re up on the Eminem reference I just made. I was going to add in a video, but it seemed a little skeezy, so I didn’t.

I’m back! I actually got back last week, but it has taken me a while to get back to a regular schedule. I had a fantastic month at Saranac, but today I want to tell you about a true Never Have I Ever.

In the middle of my time at the ‘Nac (that’s what the locals call it), I left to go to the beach with my roommates from college. We went to Pawley’s Island because one of my roommates, Liz Hall (there were 3 Liz’s)’s dad has a house there. It was living in the lap of luxury. Days on the beach, nice dinners and great friends.

We haven’t gotten to the Never Have  I Ever. I have always wanted to go night swimming in the ocean. My dad used to talk about it when I was little, but the conditions have never been right. Either it was too chilly at night to go, too far from the ocean, or no one who would do it with me.

Not the case this time. I mentioned it one day as we relaxed in the perfectly warm water and my friends jumped on board. This is what makes these friends so great.  None of them wanted to do this, but they all were willing to do it for me.

Before I leave you with a myriad of pictures from the night, I will tell you the most thrilling part of night swimming in the ocean. You can’t see those waves as they crash in your face. Who know’s when they’re coming?

Pre-plunge selfie

Pre-plunge selfie


Everyone was nervous

Everyone was nervous

Bucket-list item complete

Bucket-list item complete




Long time no blog

Gosh, I have fallen down on the job with blogging these last few weeks! Hannah has a great excuse being at Saranac, but me, I’ve got nothing. Just a lot of busyness and general forgetfulness. Classic. But, I’m back!

This weekend I went home to Lynchburg to visit my family for Father’s Day. It was a beautiful weekend, so we decided to go to Sharp Top, a mountain about 45 minutes away from our house. It’s about 1.5 miles up to the “summit”- so not terribly difficult, but definitely a great workout. The view from the top was so clear and awesome. While we were at the top a guy proposed to his girlfriend on the next rock over! We could hear everything and everyone started clapping, it was pretty cute.

photo 2photo 5photo 4photo 3photo 1photo 5photo 2photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 3It was such a beautiful, fun day!



Today I heard on NPR

I love talk radio, especially NPR. I always hear such interesting things on it. Today was no exception. While driving to Cafe Rio I heard something that I cannot stop thinking about.

.I was listening to Metro Connection and there was a story about this project called Postsecret. People send this guy postcards with secrets from their life on it. He said the number one secret is that people pee in the shower. Big deal.

But then they got to the secret I can’t stop thinking about:



This is real. Someone really sent this because this is true of someone. It is haunting. I can’t really even put words to all that this makes me feel: outrage, intrigue, sadness, and more.

AHH. come on!


PS-I am leaving for Saranac for the month of June and not sure how much I will be posting. Dry your eyes.

Sippin’ and Paintin’

Last night my roommate Karisse and I went to a LivingSocial event at swanky 918 F Street in DC. It is called “Sippin and Paintin” and consisted of wine and attempting to recreate a professional painting in two hours. What’s not to love?

The venue was so pretty! We sat and waited in big comfy sofas until they called us into the room to begin.

photo 1

Each station had an easel, a picture of the painting we were going to recreate, and paints and brushes. There was a bartender that served wine and champagne. This is my kind of studio art class.

photo 2photo 3

The actual artist that painted this original painting was there to guide us step by step. He was really nice and didn’t scream or yell at us as I remember from professors during my studio art classes in college. That was a nice perk.

Getting ready to start!

Getting ready to start!


photo 1

The painting was super fun! We were really into it and intense most of the time. Everyone around us was continually saying things like “My barn looks awful!” and “This looks like something a 2 year old would do!” but it was fun nonetheless.

Halfway through!

photo 5photo 2

And I present, our final masterpieces:

photoThese are not for sale, unfortunately, because they are priceless, but please contact me for custom quotes. All in all, a totally fun night. Bonus, something I’ve never done before!


Old Rag

I have never been that much of an outdoorsy person. Definitely not a huge risk taker. But this blog has changed all that. This Saturday my friends Alyson, Emily and I hiked Old Rag. My grandparents had a cabin right near here when I was growing up, and I remember lots of talk about Old Rag and I thought maybe I had climbed it, but I am pretty sure I never had before.

In fact, I haven’t done many hikes that take longer than an hour to go up. That’s what I thought Old Rag would be like. The night before I started looking up the hike online and started to get a little nervous about what I had agreed to do. Everything I read described the hike as very difficult and I am not a very skilled/experienced hiker.

When I woke up in the morning, I must have forgotten all that I read because I left the house with 24 ounces of water, an apple and a packet of peanut butter.

When we got to the mountain, the real parking lot was full, so we parked in Robert and Rosie’s yard. They sure have made lemonade out of lemons:


Robert and Rosie were out there themselves directing traffic. Impressive, really. If I were the Lillards, I might have gotten mad about the high density of people flooding my country estate each weekend.

We set off with great expectations. Alyson brought a headlamp, gloves and a hat-just in case. She too brought very little food. Emily had none. We were easily the most over-prepared/under-prepared people on the trail.  Nothing a good long look at the map wouldn’t fix.


The first half of the hike is hard, but not really. It is climbing a mountain, a Virginia mountain. You just keep going and going up.




We reached a summit like point after about an hour of this and thought that all the stuff on the internet was hype that we must be a lot more intense than we thought. Because we reached the “summit” I thought now was a good time for my lunch:


Note to self, always bring more food than this. This experience would have been the perfect time for me to indulge my love of trail mix. Instead I was left sweeping my finger around that pack trying to get every last drop of peanut butter out.

We soon realized we weren’t anywhere close to the top, so we continued on. The second half of the hike is what the experts call: rock scrambling.  I have never done anything like this before. There were blue spray painted arrows on rocks that led me up and down all over the face of the mountain.


This was the hardest part, as you can note by the hold up of people. Up above where those people are I was throwing my legs over rocks and pivoting around them like I never would have imagined.


We then reached what we thought was the summit again. Alyson and Emily left to climb a boulder and I sat feeling like this:


We soon realized we again were wrong and kept going.IMG_0097

After over 2 hours of hiking, we finally reached the top. It was incredibly windy at the top. So windy I thought I might actually get blown over. After checking out all the views, we decided to head back down the fire road. Sure, it is 2 miles longer, but I am pretty sure my body couldn’t handle doing any more scrambling.

When we finally reached the end, but legs were aching but more importantly, my stomach was crying out for food. I was so tempted to stop by this guys R.V., but decided to go to 5 guys instead. Another note to self: if you have hardly eaten anything all day and go to 5 guys, don’t deceive yourself by ordering a little cheeseburger, get the double,  or you will be back in line ordering another. This can be a little embarrassing.


What a great day!


Young Life College Week

This week I did something that no one had ever done before, I went to Rockbridge for the first Young Life College  outreach camp. It was awesome.


The weather wasn’t what most would call perfect, but it was beautiful.


There was Plinko. Amazing.


And lots of belly flopping. And I mean it, I have never seen so many people so committed to the flop.


Many intense games were played.


And intense costumes were worn.


There were dance parties so intense I didn’t know what to do.

942825_10100986566125527_601178154_nClearly,  I had a lot of fun.


If you weren’t there and you are college aged, you should make sure you make it a priority next summer.

(Pictures courtesy of Derek Walne and JMU Young Life College)


Lake Anne

I have lived in many pretty places, but where I live now is trumping them all. Reston is awesome because there are paths everywhere. My favorite path is the one that leads to Lake Anne, a cute (and somewhat outdated) lake with restaurants, shops, and apartments. There is quite a Reston culture surrounding it. There is a farmer’s market there every Saturday morning from May-November and during the summer there are outdoor movies and concerts! I can’t wait to enjoy the awesomeness.

Abby (my dog) and I love to walk down there after work at night. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. Please enjoy the beauty.

Abby is leading the way.

Abby is leading the way.

Abby was hot and enjoying the creek.

Abby was hot and enjoying the creek.

photo 4

The view of Lake Anne.

The view of Lake Anne.

Come on. Beautiful!

Come on. Beautiful!

It sure makes walking the dog a little more fun.