The List


We’re just two friends, living in the Washington DC area. We decided at the start of 2012 that we would start a list of new things to do and actually do them. We started off thinking we would only do it for a year, but the year went by so fast and was so fun! We’re sticking with it for 2013 and continuing to add to the list!


1. Go to a Shooting Range

2. Play golf or go to a driving range

3. Go to Etete

4. Use Food Mill

3. Visit Niagra Falls

3. Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

4. Go to a Wizards game

5. Ray’s Hell Burger

6. The Cherry Blossom Festival

7. Start a conversation with a  stranger

8. Comedian at Arlington Draft House

9. Wine tasting class

10. Go to Canada

11. Spend the afternoon working at Buzz

12. Try out to be a president at a Nats game

13. Be a part of a live audience on a show

14. Segway tour of DC

15. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

16. Food trucks.

17. Eastern Market

18. Bikram Yoga

19. Baltimore and all it has to offer

20. Egg something/someone

21. Karaoke

22. Occupy DC

23. Be an extra on a tv show/movie

24. Go to Asian Chipotle

25. Wear a wig for a whole day

26. Wear red lipstick for a whole day with no apologies

27. Go to a Zumba class

28. Read an autobiography

29. Ride a Vespa

30. Go to Brewery

31. Go to San Diego

32. Glen Echo dancing

33. Go to Founding Farmers

This list is ever evolving. What do you think? What should we add?


4 thoughts on “The List

  1. Caroline says:

    You CAN’T stop now! You have to cross out your bucket list.

  2. jen says:

    you are funny.

  3. jen says:

    Oh, and BTW, I’ve done #20, and IT. IS FANTASTIC.

  4. Currie says:

    I can help with the golf range one!!

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